Catriona Lightfoot

Catriona Lightfoot

Hi, I’m Catriona Lightfoot – I am a Relationship Therapist, Coach, Blogger and Educator (and accredited Social Worker) with over 25 years experience of working with couples, families and communities to uncover their strengths and help them achieve their goals. I’ve been working in the Brighton/Sandgate area since 2011 and recently joined the Living Balance community.

I am passionate about relationships and doing all that can be done to make them loving, fulfilling and life enhancing.  Research by the Gottman Institute shows that couples wait around 6 years struggling before they seek help.  Don’t wait – as little as 5 sessions now or even a 1 day workshop can do wonders for keeping you out of that struggle.

I have extensive training in Relationship Therapy (including the highest levels of Gottman Relationship Therapy and Imago Therapy) and I use this to help you create strategies for change that really work for you and your relationship. 

I am accredited by the Gottman Institute to run a number of their workshops and I’m looking forward to bringing the 7 Principles for Making Relationships Work, 1 day Workshop and Emotion Coaching Kids half day workshop to Living Balance in the near future.


Catriona Lightfoot (BA BSW MAASW) 

Social Worker/ Relationship Therapist, Coach, Educator and Blogger


Phone: (07) 3103 0328

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