Dee-Anna is a Energetic Holistic Intuitive Psychic Medium
Channel and Healer.
Dee-Anna’s Expertise and services include:
Dee-Anna is a powerful Intuitive psychic medium Channel and
healer. She works and masters her ability of healing, by working
with high Vibrational energetic frequencies the Ascended
Masters and the Divine Light Extending her Healing and Love,
Restoring and Balancing, extending grace and peace with the
person she is working with. Her gifts allow her to see clearly
what is unknown and hidden to you seeing beyond through
Christ vision, all is revealed. By bringing it all to awareness, so
this can be fully cleared, removed and healed.
Dee-Anna’s highly intuitive senses help and assist in answering
any of your questions. Dee-Anna is here to be truly helpful, she
shares and extends her many gifts, and abilities with the world,
and beyond. Her purpose is to help in the awakening process to
extend her love and light, peace and tranquillity to all beings.
Her mission is to spread her love, light and healing everywhere.
To help guide you along your ascension journey, living a
fulfilling and satisfying, happy and joyful life.
Dee-Anna also clears your entire ancestral karma, by working
with you on all levels, Mind, Body, Heart, and Spirit. Complete
and total cleanse and purification of self, removing all old,
unwanted energy, held in your entire energetic system.
I am here to be truly helpful.
Love is the ANSWER

For appointments please message me on : 0422562366