Simone Sutherland

About me

Hi my name is Simone.
I have been Massaging and involved in the Natural Health Industry for over 17 years. I have a passion for weightlifting, gym and good eating.
Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to work in various locations from day spas to gyms and have gained a lot of experience over the time. I have been running a successful massage business now for over 6 years.
Being around sports people I have worked with many injuries and have learnt to manage training related injuries helping people get back on track. I have also been Teaching Massage for over 9 years now originally at TAFE and more recently at HETC.  I also hold a Personal Trainer Qualification so I can assist in recovery training programs and adjusting your current program.

My gifts

I believe I have a natural gift. Years of touch and a close connection allows me to feel what needs to be done . The Body speaks to us all the time and learning to listen is a gift we all have. I can intuitively find the areas that need work and get in deep with out doing more damage . I have been using Kinesiology with my clients as part of my clinical practice which enables my to help with emotional and mental reprogramming. I can find the blocks that are holding you back in life and training to help you reach your full potential.

So how does my massage feel?

I have a lot of strength and have the ability to get in deep . I have a way with muscles to coax my way through the outer layers and get into the deeper Fascia. I can do this without damaging the tissue any more to aid in recovery . You will definitely leave my table feeling lighter with less tension and pain . I am not the best at relaxation massage so please book with our other therapist Dasha for more relaxing treatments.

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