Raelene Byrne

Visiting from the Sunshine Coast 

Energy medicine sessions

Consist of energy work, crystals and lots of information. Raelene tunes into your energy body, works through the different levels and is able to locate beliefs, traumas, energy blockages that keep playing out in life, creating cycles that repeat.
Once these have been located, and the energy around that is dissolved, released, dispersed so the pattern is than able to change.You will have clarity, direction and feel lighter, able to face the life you are living with a greater sense of focus and more knowledge about who you are.

Soul overviews

These are 6 or 12 month recorded sessions that are then sent to you.

Tree of life readings

These are a fabulous snapshot of where you are at right now, why you have created the life you are living, what needs to be done, where you are going and what the next move is. These are NOT prophetic, but deeply guiding for people ready to do the soul work required to be free, aligned and clear.

Liquid crystal consultations

These consults are powerful as are the remedies. Based on the 77 minerals that resonate with our blood, Raelene is able to help you discover your purpose, higher purpose and the obstacles or shadows that sometimes get in the way of completely enjoying life. These Liquid Crystals are powerful catalysts for change.

Spiritual mentoring and Meditations

Raelene is able to help you discover yourself through mentoring and sessions that will have you radiating the joy of being alive. Or if you are looking for some support and your own meditative journey or process.


For Brisbane based appointments call Beyond Evolution 0437642849

For contact with Raelene or appointments elsewhere:

Website: http://raelenebyrne.com
 Raelene’s Facebook page